The proud Municipal Unit of Papaflessa has borrowed its name from the hero of the Greek Revolution who bravely fought in the village of Maniaki on 20 May 1825; one of the most significant battles against the Turkish invaders. Those dramatic events are reflected even today in the spectacular mountainous region that consists of the Municipal Communities of Vlachopoulou, Margeli, Maniaki, Kontogoni, Aghioi Apostoloi, Metamorphosi, Touloupa Chani, Koumaro and of course Papaflessas

Up to now this area has not been visited by many tourists but its history and special landscape provide opportunities for alternative escapes not to be missed. Visitors will come into contact with stunning nature and endless vistas of green mountains. Mount Maglavas is marvelous for walks and hikes through the forest and the hill villages are great spots for stopping of for Greek coffee in a traditional Greek Kafenion and catching up with the friendly locals.

Vlachopoulou is the centre of the region and a typical agricultural town that makes no concession to tourism but is actually the starting point to an amazing gorge that will endear itself to visitors that makes the effort to find it! The Katsoulolimna Gorge rivals the beauty of any other natural habitat in the area and after exploring it why not have a refreshing drink or snack with the locals in town?

See you soon in the wild nature of Papaflessa!