The villages of Chandrinos, Velanidia, Kremmydia, Koukounara, Stenosia, , Soulinari, Mesopotamos and Platanovrysi make up the Municipal Community of Chiliochorion (which means ‘A Thousand Villages’).

The main road from Kalamata passes through the main part of the area and the views from Chandrinos towards the Bay of Navarino and the Ionian Sea are spectacular. It is full of mountains and rich vegetation. Rivers and streams wind their way through the many valleys and end in the Ionian Sea. The villages are blessed with huge plane trees that ensure pleasant moments of relaxation to enjoy the peace and calm far from the intense pace of city life. Here one can stroll, without worrying about time, meet authentic people, travel through past eras, and learn about the traditions and customs of the Greek countryside.

The village of Chandrinou also has one of the highest churches in our Municipality and hiking up to Profitis Ilias is not to be missed. The lovely rolling hills and traditional villages make this area a lovely destination for experiencing authentic Greece.

See you soon in authentic Chiliochorion!